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Mods Discussion / SCM - Coding Tutorial [Sanny Builder]
« on: December 17, 2015, 10:36:59 am »
                                                   Welcome Peoples to this Topic

Well, this is the Topic for a Helpline about Scm Coding. Which will allow you to make your missions with sanny builder more Fun and expansive from DYOM (Design Your Own Mission).

Well, the Scm Coding is Tough a lot. Many Peoples have not much knowledge of this. I little hard for trying from your own self. Many peoples make topic to these and no video. But in this i am going to show to about Scm Coding with Video tutorial. Just dont let down your Focus. Keep your eye and understand. It's 1 to 2 hours video but dont see the time if you want to make your self awesome just understand and use your brain.So i'll tell you some codes as given below;

1.Basic Coding
2.Structure Coding

First Tutorial

Second Tutorial

Third Tutorial

More Tutorial Coming Stay Tuned

Watch the Videos carefully and dont let your eye down. I Also dont have 100% Knowledge of this. As calculating my knowledge i know 57% About SCM.

Welcome to Forum!!! / Missions Review
« on: December 16, 2015, 01:54:26 pm »

                                                   -So guys welcome to the Mission Review-

Guys welcome to the Mission Review topic. In this topic i am going to make your missions or storyline gameplays. Because many peoples want to make there missions gameplay but they cant because they dont have much pc required to run softwares and someone totally don't know about tools. But in this i am going to make your Gameplays. You dont need to make your pc heavy. All have to do just leave on me

Rules about Gameplays

1. Paste your Mission link or Storyline Here
2. Specially the crashes missions are not allowed.
3. You will get your Gameplay in few days.
4. I will post gameplays also here and rest of all in my youtube channel.
6. Crashes missions or storyline isn't allowed.
7.Specially Spammers are not allowed in this topic.

I also make gameplays in Other Mods like Seasons and Cities.

                                        Waiting for your Requests Thank You!

Welcome to Forum!!! / Re: General Thread
« on: December 16, 2015, 07:17:49 am »
Thanks Mr. KC10a :)

Welcome to Forum!!! / General Thread
« on: December 16, 2015, 06:53:46 am »
                                                           -Welcome to the rules and guides-

Special things you must know

1. Try to lead this website to others that more peoples come here and see this Website.
2. Try to behave like a good person with admins and Moderators (Specially Admins)
3. The Bad Language are not allowed on other peoples.
4. Useless topic are not allowed.
5. Spamming are specially not allowed.
6. If you want help or other then we got the forums and paste your help there and the other peoples will try to solve your problem.
7. Disrespect and spammer or other bad language user will be banned (Specially).
Well if you got any problem on your topic then click the report button on the down right side and enter your report. Make topic well and good designed that more peoples will come here to see your topic. If you have any problem then you can give your problem to Help Topic in this forum or send a message to moderators and we will as fast we can and if you report about moderator or admins you will be banned. We give some message icon on topic we you are mading it you can see on the up side on the center point. If you got any problem or need help then give the icon which related on them. Like ! and ? and :) and ;) many you can find there.

                                                                   LAst wOrDS
As we know that we are humans and if you send your report and not replayed by moderators then dont worry we will approve your request in 1 or 2 days maybe more. Now make your topic and obey the rules. If you obey and respect everyone  you will be reward something from us. Good Luck Now! :)

                                                                    Always Remember
The website is maked my administer KC10a

Contests / Re: Official Contests Discussion
« on: December 16, 2015, 02:15:46 am »
Its cool man :)

Submitting Nominations / Re: Welcome
« on: December 16, 2015, 01:32:54 am »
Well i think i am first person of this forums :) I love this will upload missions and storyline

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